Based on C2C (cradle to cradle) and cleaner production, Content Not Found emerges as a sustainable brand, where the focus on the
environment, society, and economy are holistically contemplated.

How we care about the environment?

-Generating minimum waste: We attempt to design in an intelligent way which does not require the use of linings in most of our products.
- Why? Less materials are used, less waste is generated during and after production, less non-essential materials as post usage waste, less energy used before and during production. This leads to less
contamination and an efficient production for a more dedicated and enlightened craftsman/woman.

-We use biodegradable materials, so our products turn into compost once the product is discarded. Also, our products are durable due to the quality of the noble materials and their construction, so they can be used for an extended period. 

How we care about society?
-Fair Labour practices: Our manufacturers work with their hands, and each product is unique and immersed in their good vibes. They work in a happy and healthy environment, with fair pay. They decide how much their work is worth.